Washington County Courthouse Renovation

Subconsultant providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and structural renovations for a three-story, 21,000 sf courthouse constructed in 1884.  The building has masonry load bearing walls on stone foundation walls.  Basement floor is slab on grade with other floors and roof of heavy timber and wood frame construction.

Structural work included framing new openings through existing masonry and stone walls, framing new steel stairs, framing to close openings in existing floors and roof, inspection and replacement of deteriorated or damaged framing, reinforce wood roof framing and add support for mechanical equipment in attic. Structural work included structural plans, specifications, cost estimates, shop drawing and submittal review, and construction observation.

Plumbing work included five new restrooms, utility basin, circulating pump, new sump pump, water heater, backflow preventer, and supply, waste and vent piping throughout the building.  Fire protection include a wet system for conditioned spaces and a dry system for the unconditioned attic space.  A fire pump was also required due to inadequate city water pressure.

Site electrical work included new transformers and exterior underground wiring, new site lighting including flagpole lighting, new entryway lighting, new service entrance and coordination with the local utility company. Building electrical work included demolition of entire existing electrical system and fixtures; installation of new switch gear and six new power panels, emergency generator and new lighting,  distribution wiring , and data cabling throughout the building.  Wiring and disconnects were provided for new heat pumps and water heater, power was provided to existing elevator and new sump pumps, new VRV central control panel, wiring , switches, breakers and disconnects as required to all new mechanical equipment.

Project is currently in construction phase.

Washington County, Illinois

Nashville, Washington County, Illinois