North Clay Community High School

McDonough-Whitlow, P.C. has been the subconsultant for MEP and Structural work on two projects at the North Clay Community High School.

The first was for the structural design of the roof replacement at the 1948 high school building in Louisville, Illinois.  The project consisted of over framing the existing 21,000 square foot low-slope roof to install a 4/12 pitched metal truss system with a standing seam metal roof and 13,500 square feet of low slope TPO membrane roof system over the library and shop building. Structural work included attaching the new structural framing to the existing structure for wind loading, analysis of the existing structure for added dead load of over framing with adjusted snow load due to increased slope, extending all the existing exhaust vents and plumbing stacks up through the new roof system, installing new gutters and downspouts and connecting them to an underground storm drainage system, and completing the work while the school was occupied.

The second was mechanical and electrical design for HVAC and electrical upgrades. HVAC design included removal of existing equipment and installing new ductless heating/cooling system with separate supply/return for the two-story classroom section and media center. Electrical design included removal and replacement of ceiling in Media Center with new lighting, and replacing a new air system and condensing unit on the roof top.

North Clay Community Unit District No. 25

Louisville, Clay County, Illinois

Prime Consultant
Eggemeyer Associates Architects

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