IL 158 & Kropp Road Drainage Study

McDonough-Whitlow, P.C. was the subconsultant providing engineering services for a drainage study at the intersection of Kropp Road and Illinois 158 in Millstadt, Illinois. The purpose of the study was to determine the capacity of the existing storm sewer system at the intersection and attempt to identify any flaws in the system that could cause localized flooding/ponding in the area that had been occurring.  The system was also analyzed with potential inlet and storm sewer additions being placed as part of IDOT work in the area.  Existing system included both underground storm sewer and above grade culverts and ditches.  Individual responsibilities: Preparation of drainage report including calculations and exhibits, drainage calculations including using the Rational Method, HGL analysis through system and hydraulic losses, coordinating both existing and proposed utilities to form one system, and fatal flaw analysis.  Drainage study encompassed 45.4 acres.

Illinois Department of Transportation, District 8,
PTB 158-031

Millstadt, St. Clair County, Illinois

Prime Consultant