DuQuoin State Fairgrounds Multi-Purpose Facility

McDonough-Whitlow, P.C. was the structural subconsultant for a 118,247 sf multi-purpose facility consisting of conventional steel framed lobby and support areas and pre-engineered metal building system and bleachers for the arena at the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds.

Design included coordination of the structural specifications for the pre-engineered building and design for all of the foundations and all lobby framing. The main arena area was 360 ft long with a 260 ft clear span, 50′-7″ inches eave height, and 56 ft clear height at center. Large horizontal reactions from the columns dictated the concrete tie beams below the slab.

For fire protection, the architect specified CMU exterior walls up to an elevation of 28 ft above the finished floor. Building drift due to wind and seismic loads at this level exceeded that allowable for CMU walls. McDonough-Whitlow designed the column surrounds as structural cantilevers supporting the CMU walls spanning horizontally, allowing adequate free space around steel columns for building drift.

Design also included curved steel framing for the1,300 sf entry and lobby area. Mechanical rooms and restrooms were topped with precast prestressed hollow core floors for use by video personnel.

The bleacher system required the floor slab be designed following the “f” number system which specified flatness and levelness of the floor.

Illinois Department of Agriculture / Illinois Capital Development Board,
CDB #039-060-030

DuQuoin, Perry County, Illinois

Prime Consultant
EWR Associates, Inc.