Coffeen Power Station

McDonough-Whitlow, P.C. was the consultant for structural, civil, and survey services for multiple projects at the Coffeen Power Station in Montgomery County, Illinois.

Structural projects have included the evaluation of existing conveyor trusses to support dust suppression piping, design and detailed CADD drawings for work platforms, and hoist beams and piping supports.

Civil engineering included the design of three Haul Road Routes with cost estimates, life cycle analysis, and preparation of contract documents for the selected route which was approximately 2.5 miles of various surface types based on end use of the road.

Survey projects included construction layout for the Wet Flue Gas Desulphurization project for Ameren Utilities Coffeen Power Station which involved tight survey tolerances over a relatively large project area. This project involved the layout and verification of over 2,700 anchor bolts, numerous columns, electrical conduits and building corners. Survey support was also provided during the setting of a large transformer. A digital level was utilized to provide the very tight vertical tolerances. Difficult site conditions required multiple checks of both the horizontal and vertical control element frequently during foundation construction and during transport and placement of the transformer.

Montgomery County, Illinois